Lost dogs, due to roaming, and stolen dogs are two of the biggest problems we face in Madison County.

  •  Getting dogs spay/neutered, Dogs that are spay/neutered are less likely to roam away from home.
  • Micro chipped dogs are protected from thieves. If your dog is lost, your best chance of getting them back is a micro chip. Dog thieves do not want micro chipped dogs and often dump them in other counties after they find the chip. 
  •  Although Good Shepherd cannot transport dogs to a spay/neuter clinic (unless they are under 20 lbs. and can go in a small carrier), we do recommend the low cost spay/neuter clinic at Furry Friends Refuge  (FFR) in West Des Moines on Grand Avenue.  FFR does low cost spay/neuter of dogs and low cost micro chips.
  • If your dog is already fixed and vaccinated you can take him/her to Furry Friends just to be micro chipped. 
  • Animal Rescue League also does low cost micro chipping. (Link to ARL Home Page)


    Many people keep a dog tied up to comply with local ordinances forbidding dogs running loose or to keep the dog safe from traffic, etc. 

    Dogs are very social creatures and keeping a dog isolated 24/7 on a chain or alone in a small pen is abuse. It is legal in most places in Iowa, but it is abuse.  

    Two things contribute to aggression problems in dogs: lack of socialization and lack of exercise.  

    A fenced yard doesnt address all these issues, but it is an improvement. We help with fence projects and Good Shepherds help can include both financial and labor.


    Good Shepherd sometimes helps owners provide dog houses and straw.


    One of Good Shepherds Board Members is professional dog trainer. We help owners struggling with behavior or training issues.

     As with our cat projects, our goal for Madison County dogs is to keep as many as possible at home and out of our overburdened Iowa shelters and rescues.

    Abby – Owners kept Abby in a shed 24/7 for two years.  This is Abbynot a crime under current IA law, because they fed her.  Abby was euthanized on the recommendation of a vet.