Settler’s Trail

We rounded up 19 cats and kittens that afternoon. All were suffering from malnutrition and severe parasites. One was blind due to a neglected eye infection.

All Creatures Small Vet Clinic in Indianola donated the use of its isolation room and cared for them until a rescue could be found to take them. The second day, we found a two-week old kitten whom we bottle fed for two days until we found his mama.

Panora PETS agreed to take the 20 cats and kittens. 6 died, but the rest of the “St. Charles Angels”,  as Panora dubbed them, became healthy and strong including the two-week old kitten!

During the five weeks after the first 20 were rescued,  Good Sheperd volunteers took daily food and water to the dump site hoping to catch the remaining cats and a very young kitten they had seen run away. Two more cats were caught and adopted by a volunteer.

All of the cats and kittens whom Panora PETS nursed back to health were adopted including the little blind black and white tuxedo cat after Panora provided surgery to remove his ruined eyes.

Everyone who has had contact with these 22 cats and kittens noticed how especially loving and spirited they are. True survivors!